Cleaning up a company by the stubborn wasting through CLean means raising the quality level and take it to a higher excellence status. That’s why CLean consultants are experts in Quality Control and are qualified in the release of ISO 9001 Certification and CE Trademarks. We have trained our professionals to provide the best world recognized certifications because quality is the most important value for a company that wants to excel.


Obtaining this certification means “to make quality”. A company that requires the UNI EN ISO 9001 meets all the requirements and effectively apply them in its organizational system and in all business processes, from sales to purchasing management, production, etc.


CLean guides the companies in order to obtain the CE mark to ensure its products safety. If you are a manufacturer, importer or representative, our consultants are competent in accordance with European Standards and will help you in the Quality Certification required by the regulatory control and law enforcement.

ISO 14000

It identifies the international standards for environmental management organizations. It Enclose a set of “best practices” to protect environment and improve the impact outside. Being voluntary requirements, not compulsory, the decision to apply the ISO 14000 to his own company combines the virtues of a quality system with the consensus of a positive corporate image.

LAW DLgs 81/08

The Law on Safety in the workplace decreeds the obligation for any company to eliminate or prevent the dangers of indoor air environments.
CLean adjusts and certifies organizations in order to protect workers through a series of procedures to ensure the best possible working conditions.


For companies in the automotive sector, CLean is consultant certification for the Quality Management System ISO/TS/IATF. CLean promotes the development, improves the effectiveness and customer satisfaction in companies that meet the dictated requirements and sign the norm.


We want to talk about the necessary guidelines for the certification of systems in terms of security. Certifying a facility means to evaluate the regime activities and the possible causes of accidents at work, by reducing or eliminating the risks. In case of problems, the system must be physically modified (electrically or mechanically) to reach the level of security required.